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BIK Joy Park Campus




BIK Joy Park Campus


It is close to Ming Tombs Reservoir and Mangshan mountain. There are beautiful gardens surrounded by mountains and rivers, so that children not only play in the gardens, but also live in the scenery.

Address: No. 16 Shuiku Road, Beijing Joy Park, Changping District, Beijing

Tel: +86(010) 8973-9200


Kindergarten Introduction :

1) It covers an area of 4,200 square meters

2) The kindergarten provides the children with elegant and comfortable facilities which in corporate various function classrooms, creative DIY classroom, piano rooms, spacious and bright dance classroom. Not to mention the 24-hour fresh air system which covers the entire kindergarten to safeguard that children are protected and safe at all times.

3) Opened two International orange classes, two International yellow classes, two International green classes, two International blue classes, one Chinese orange class, one Chinese yellow class, one Chinese green class, one Chinese blue class, total 12 classes.

4) International Class:    Class size ≤ 20 kids

      Chinese Class:    Class size ≤ 30 kids

Course introduction: 

1)International class: Using the International Primary School Curriculum (IPC) 3-5 year old curriculum system, extended explorative theme course is based on colorful themes. It teaches children English in various scenes, activities and games, and expands their knowledge.

2)Chinese class: By adopting the teaching system of five fields advocated by the state education commission, “happiness and development courses”, the contents of each field are permeated to promote the development of children’s emotions, attitudes, abilities, knowledge and skills from different perspectives. Beanstalk international kindergarten let each child walk through childhood in health, happiness and wisdom.

Enrollment Requirement: 

2-6 years old, not limited to household registration, nationality.