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BIK Changying Campus




BIK Changying Campus

Location: Beanstalk International Kindergarten Changying Branch is located on the west side of Changying Park, Chaoyang District, Beijing. It is surrounded by green trees, fresh air and an abundant of sunshine. Children can embrace the beauty of nature without leaving the kindergarten.

Contact Information:

No.1 Yaojiadian Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing

010-84566019/ 17601659152

Campus Scale:

1) The kindergarten has a construction area of 2528 square meters and an outdoor area of 3175 square meters, including 13 classrooms, 3 Multi-functional classrooms, 1 indoor sports room, 6 offices, kitchen and central control room.

2) The facilities of kindergarten are perfect. The whole kindergarten is equipped with central air conditioning, fresh air system, constant temperature drinking water machine, outdoor playground, public reading area, dance classroom, music classroom, baking room, classroom, health room, parental reception room, etc. To provide children with a safe, healthy and diverse learning and living environment.

3) There are four types of class levels:

    K2 (2-3 years old)

    K3 (3-4 years old)

    K4 (4-5 years old)

    GK (5-6 years old)

4) Class size ≤ 20.

Curriculum: Subject inquiry learning is carried out to lay a solid foundation for future Bilingual program. According to the traditional culture of China and the West, we should carry out colorful activities inside and outside school to broaden children's vision, so as to promote students' all-round development in personality, society and physical fitness. Our team carries out a variety of courses according to children's age and interests.

Prospective Student: 2-6 years old, there is no restriction on the household register and nationality.