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BIK Xiandaicheng Campus




BIK Xiandaicheng Campus


Located in the CBD of Chaoyang District in Beijing, BIK Xiandaicheng Kindergarten is supported by SOHO Xiandaicheng community in Chaoyang District. We provide a safe, healthy and diversified learning and living environments for all the children. 


SOHO Xiandaicheng, Jianguo Road

Tel: 010-65266506/010-65266776


The Dimensions:

1) Covers an area of 2,400 square meters.

2) The campus is well equipped with central air-conditioning, constant temperature water dispensing machine, outdoor playground, multi-function hall, health care room, parents' reception room, etc., to provide children with a safe, healthy and diversified learning and living environment.

3) Set up 4 Pre-K classes, 2 K1 classes and 2 K2 classes, a total of 8 classes.

4) Class size ≤20.


 1) International class: Using the IPC (International Primary Curriculum) during kindergarten, have increased interest in 3-5 years old children. The activities will help children achieve the educational objectives of subject learning, personal development and international thinking in the main IPC courses, and expand the scope of learning to achieve independence and interdependence, communication, exploration and healthy life.

2) Bilingual class: The 'Happiness and Development Course' is carried out in the form of themed activities, adopting the five-domain curriculum system advocated by the state education commission. Immersion teaching enables children to have better interaction and more experience in activities.

Admission requirements: 

2-6 years old, nationality and household registration are not restricted.