BIK Chengdu




BIK Chengdu

1) The school covers around 150 mu with near 30,000m2 buildings.

2) Facilities in the school are well-equipped. There are central air-conditionings, primary air systems,constant temperature water dispensers, a library, outdoor playgrounds, climbing areas, multifunctional music rooms, nurse rooms and a reception room. Children are provided with a safe, healthy and colorful environment.

3) There are 4 grades: ECC1, ECC2, ECC3 and ECC4.

4) The maximal number of each grade is 20

Curriculum Provision:

As an IB world school, ECCs in BIBS Chengdu implement outstretched IB PYP curriculum. We foster children’s skills of inquiring, analyzing and problem-solving through six topic activities. We use half English and half Chinese in classes and both Chinese and oversea teachers are highly-qualified with more than 15 year-experience of teaching.

Children are immersed in Eastern and Western culture in a young age and they can adapt to international school or public school quickly when they upgrade to primary period.