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Welcome Note from Our Founder
Welcome Note from Our Founder
Welcome Note from Our Founder

My dear friends, welcome to the BIBS family – a community connecting the school and students!

We have created the new education model and have remained one of the leading pioneers of international bilingual education in China. At BIBS we value the fusion of the best Chinese and Western educational philosophies and practices, and we believe in building the best true international bilingual school on deep Chinese roots.

BIBS holds true to its core values – Love, Care and Support, and adopts a true international bilingual curriculum with global vision and Chinese roots. We are committed to nurturing our students with knowledge and integrity, to become bilingual, multi-cultural and globally-minded citizens.

I believe in the future of BIBS, just like the ever-rising China in this globalized era. It's our dream and commitment to operate the best international bilingual school with a Chinese heart for young learners from China and worldwide.

Kathy Shi

Founder & President