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BIBS Haidian Academy Early Years Centre (EYC)




BIBS Haidian Academy Early Years Centre (EYC)


Yanxitai, Jushan Road, Sijiqing Village, Haidian District, Beijing



Located within the BIBS Haidian Academy grounds, our Early Years Centre (EYC) has a unique learning environment consisting of over 1,500m2 of outdoor and nature play areas, an indoor Play area, a comfortable Library, Learning Kitchen, Art Room, Indoor Gym and a spacious STEAM centre for project based learning. Being part of a K-12 campus also has a range of benefits. Students regularly engage with specialist teachers and older students from the elementary who become big brother or sisters. All our indoor spaces have high quality air filtration to ensure that the environment is kept healthy throughout the year.



BIBS Haidian Academy is moving towards being an IB candidate school with the Enhanced PYP being used for students three years old and above. The EYC program also focuses strongly on our core values: Respect, Excellence, Empathy, Service and Accountability to prepare students to be successful learners. Each class has a Foreign and Chinese homeroom teacher allowing for students to develop both their English and Chinese in a supportive environment.

Students also have the option to join a wide range of clubs which allow them to make new friends, promote creativity and teamwork while they discover new areas of interest.


Contact Information

Phone: 13231668315



Students are accepted into the EYC from 2-6 years of age.