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BIK Nanjing Campus




BIK Nanjing Campus

Location: Rongqiaoguandi Appartment Block One, shishan Road, Jiangpu District, Pukou, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province

Beanstalk International Kindergarten-Nanjing campus is located at the foot of the mountain of Pukou District, facing the Yangtze river in the south and Chuhe River in the north. Pukou district is Known as 'greenbelt of Nanjing, pearl of Jiangbei area',It is a popular science education base in Jiangsu Province. The kindergarten has a large outdoor activity area, which is convenient for outdoor teaching.

Tel: 025-58609532 / 13805145562

Kindergarten Scale:

(1) The kindergarten covers an area of 4,000 square meters

(2) Hardware facilities will reflect the high quality of Beanstalk, The whole campus adopt the fresh air system, has 3M drinking water straight into the classroom. The kindergarten is equipped with dancing room, art classroom, multi-purpose classroom, library, indoor and outdoor venues, planting area, beach area and so on. The kindergarten’s beautiful natural environment and excellent equipment resources have won the favor of parents. We provide a safe, healthy and diversified learning and living environment for all the children.

(3) The kindergarten has 3 Orange classes, 3 Yellow classes, 3 Green classes and 3 Blue classes.

(4) Class Size: No more than 20

Curriculum: Nanjing Campus provides a language environment with 50% English and 50% Chinese for 2-6 years old children to make preparations for the bilingual education. We pay much attention to the development of visual arts and the education of performing arts. In addition, Nanjing campus also offers colorful characteristic courses, including football, roller skating, art creation courses and robot courses to provide children with multi-directional educational resources, so that children can grow up healthily and happily in a beautiful environment.

Enrollment Requirement: 2-6 years old, nationality and household registration are not restricted