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BIK Chenggong Campus




BIK Chenggong Campus

Location: Building 151, Zhonghedongyuan, Chenggong District, Kunming, Yunnan.

Chenggong campus is next to Dian Lake, opposite to Beanstalk International Bilingual School. It is surrounded by three major residential communities and Colorful Yunnan NO.1 shopping mall of commercial area. The city government and the South Railway Station are close by.

Contact Information: 

Tel: +86 (0871) 6749-8935


1) It covers an area of 2811 square meters.

2) The park is equipped with central air conditioning, fresh air system, constant temperature direct drinking water machine, body room, art classroom, bakery classroom, picture gallery, open activity balcony, outdoor activity venue, planting area, beach area, etc. Its beautiful natural environment and excellent equipment resources have won the favor of parents. To provide safe, healthy and diversified learning and living environment for children.

3) There are 2 baby classes, 1 small class, 2 middle class and 1 large class, totaling 6 classes.

4) Class size is less than 20 students.

Curriculum: IEYC International Early Childhood Curriculum (IEYC curriculum system is still in the trial stage), using child-centered, inquiry-based English theme teaching and English character education curriculum. Through rich and interesting language teaching activities, children can understand the essence of Chinese traditional culture. With the richest Orff music activities, it combines music, dance, drama, painting and other artistic activities to ensure that every child's talent is not wasted. Organize colorful outdoor teaching activities, home union, open school, and create the most harmonious community environment.

Management Team Introduction:

Enrollment Requirement: 2-6 years old restriction for different household registration and nationality