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BK Dawanglu Campus




BK Dawanglu Campus


The surrounding traffic is convenient, the environment is safe, the living and activity rooms for children have good daylighting, good ventilation and good conditions for running a school.

Address: Building 7, Wanda Plaza, 93 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Tel: +86 (010) 5960-3887/ 5960-3997


The Dimensions:

1) Covers an area of 3000 square meters.

2) The park is well equipped with central air-conditioning, fresh air system, constant temperature water dispensing machine, outdoor playground, multi-function hall, health care room, parents' reception room, etc., to provide children with a safe, healthy and diversified learning and living environment.

3) Set up 7 Pre-K classes, 5 K1 classes, and 2 K2 classes; a total of 14 classes.

4) Class size ≤25.


Our kindergarten is a universally beneficial kindergarten entrusted by the Education Commission. To practice 'Kindergarten Education Instruction Summary' in a better implementation, Theme-based curriculum is conducted in five areas of health, language, society, science, and art. Adhering to Chinese traditional culture, we build the environment in the artistic characteristics, to cultivate the appreciation to the nature and life and to stimulate children's interests for the art and music.

Administration Team:

Enrollment Requirement: 2-6 years old