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BK Huairou Yianyuan Campus




BK Huairou Yianyuan Campus

Location: Located in Yi'an Community, Miaocheng Town, Huairou District, Beijing (in the family courtyard of China Railway 16th Bureau), surrounded by green trees, fresh air and plenty of sunshine, children can feel the beauty of different seasons in the garden.

Address: S3, Yi 'an Yuan Community, Miaocheng Town, Huairou District, Beijing

Tel.: +86(010) 6967-8656, 17601659150

Park size:

1. The kindergarten covers a total area of 3000.02 ㎡; The construction area is 2394.47 ㎡; The outdoor activity site is 1500 ㎡; The green area is 500 ㎡.

2. The main body of the kindergarten has three floors, eight teaching classes, a health room, a multi-function hall, and many functional classrooms.

3. The infrastructure is perfect, the teaching aids are complete, and the teaching staff is abundant.


Five major fields as the basic teaching content, and integrate language, society, health, art, and science into the daily life process of children. The addition of Sunshine physical education courses and Orff music courses has enhanced the improvement of Children's Health Quality and the quality of music and art.

Introduction to the management team:

Kindergarten Principal: Liu Yuyao

Bachelor’s degree, first-class preschool education, 27 years of preschool education work, 17 years of teaching career, many times to undertake urban level public classes and speech activities and won awards. In the 10 years of management work, we have extensively absorbed the high-quality information and information of preschool education at home and abroad, strived to update educational practices and concepts, led faculty and staff to create a safe and secure kindergarten for parents, and created a warm, happy and safe educational living environment for children.

Enrollment target: children between the ages of 3 and 6 before September 1 each year.